Self-hosted plans

Install Gitpod Self-Hosted on GKE, EKS, AKS and K3s.

Open Source

  • 10 Registered Users
  • Public & Private Repos
  • GitLab, GitHub and Bitbucket
  • Unlimited Prebuilds
  • Shared Workspaces
  • Snapshots
  • Admin Dashboard
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Per User/Month
  • Everything in Free
  • Starts with the 11th user
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Can I create a team plan?


Of course! You can use Gitpod Self-Hosted on your own infrastructure for free for unlimited users. If you'd like to access additional features like unlimited prebuilds, shared workspaces, snapshots and an admin dashboard, you can upgrade to the Professional Plan at any time. Simply update your existing instance with a purchased license key. Self-hosted Gitpod licenses can currently only be purchased by request. Please request a license key or Get in touch if you have any questions.

Can I add more users to my plan at any time?


Yes, you can add as many users as you like to your plan at any time.

What is the difference between SaaS and Self-Hosted?


If you choose Gitpod SaaS, we will manage and host Gitpod in the cloud for you. This means minimal setup efforts for you and secure data storage in the cloud. Gitpod SaaS is be the best solution for teams who want to get started immediately and don’t want to spend time on setup and operations.

If you choose Gitpod Self-Hosted, you will manage and host Gitpod on your own instances. This means all data remains your infrastructure, as Gitpod can run behind corporate firewalls and on air-gapped networks. Gitpod Self-Hosted is the best solution for teams who want to keep full data control or use Gitpod in private networks.

How can I install Self-Hosted?


You can either install Gitpod Self-Hosted on Google Cloud Platform or on K3s. See Self-Hosted Installation for more information.

How can I pay?


Currently, Gitpod Self-Hosted can only be purchased on request. Please request a license key and we'll contact you. If you have any questions, please Get in touch. All our plans can be paid via invoice.

Do you offer discounts for educational institutions?


Yes, qualified educational institutions may receive a special discount. Please Contact sales.

Still have more questions?


We are happy to answer them, please Get in Touch.

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