With Tailscale you can automatically and securely connect your Gitpod workspace to other development resources, whether in the cloud or on prem, such as a production database behind your company’s firewall. You can also spin up several Gitpod workspaces that can talk to each other.

Tailscale is built on top of the point-to-point open-source WireGuard protocol which powers an encrypted mesh network or tailnet. At Gitpod we are big fans of their product and recently announced an official partnership with them.


If you’re already using Tailscale, the following files from https://github.com/gitpod-io/template-tailscale will need to be incorporated:

  1. If you use a custom Docker image make sure .gitpod.Dockerfile is a layer in the build, or incorporated into the project Dockerfile.
  2. The Tailscale tasks in .gitpod.yml need to be incorporated into the project .gitpod.yml file.
  3. The experimentalNetwork variable in .gitpod.yml needs to be set to true


To allow your workspace to join the tailnet, you can either authenticate via the web UI or by creating an Ephemeral Authkey for your tailnet and add it as an Environment Variable named TAILSCALE_AUTHKEY.

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