Open source developer platform. Originally from Kiel now fully-remote from all around the globe.

Remove all friction from the developer experience to be always ready-to-code and make software engineering more collaborative, joyful, and secure.

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Obsessed with developer experience

We have built developer tools, created programming languages and successfully grew open source communities over the last 10 years. We are developers ourselves - with Gitpod we want to capitalize on our learnings and build a company that simplifies the lives of all developers. Experienced international investors support us on our journey. We are a fully distributed team with humans from all over the world.

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Built on shared principles

Values are important to us. We are developer-led and aim for a frictionless experience when interacting with our product, our company and our brand: no hurdles, no BS, no unnecessary extra steps. We believe in the benefits of an open culture. We are open minded, inclusive, transparent and curious. We always remain students of the game, not masters of the game. We have opinions, but are not opinionated. We integrate, don't dictate.

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Backed by great investors

Gitpod Inc. was founded in 2020 and in early 2021 we raised $13m from General Catalyst and our early backers Speedinvest, Crane and Vertex. We are proud to work with experienced, international investors and great individuals who have been early backers of SignalFX, Cloudera, Couchbase, Snyk, Render, BuildKite, LaunchDarkly, H20, Hasura, Instana, and several other exciting companies in the world of developer tools and open source software.

Find out more. We are open

We have always built in the open. If you want to learn skim through some of our public Notion pages.

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